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Aegean civilizationsthe Stone and Bronze Age civilizations that arose and flourished in the area of the Aegean Sea in the periods, respectively, about — bc and about — bc. The area consists of Cretethe Cyclades and some other islands, and the Greek mainland, including the Peloponnesecentral Greeceand Thessaly. The first high civilization on European soil, with stately palaces, fine craftsmanship, and writing, developed on the island of Crete. Later, the peoples of the mainland adapted the Cretan civilization to form their own, much as the Romans adapted the civilization of later Greece. The Bronze Age civilization of Crete has been called Minoanafter the legendary King Minos of Knossos, which was the chief city of the island throughout early times. Early, middle, and late stages have been defined in each of these, with further subdivisions according to recognizable changes in the style of pottery and other products that are associated with each separate culture. The civilization that arose on the mainland under Cretan influence in the 16th century bc is called Mycenaean after Mycenaewhich appears to have been one of its most important centres. The term Mycenaean is also bronze age dating used for the civilizations of the Aegean area as a whole from about bc onward.

December 2, The new findings may help shed light on the origins and development of the earliest applications of Bronze Age technology. Dating, using ANSTO's precision techniques, was used to identify the age of seeds, slag, copper ore and charcoal at two sites. The findings show the material is up to years old, but that smelting bronze age dating still being carried out as recently as years ago. The research indicates bronze production may have begun as early as BC and that the modern mine location - Baishantang at Dingxin - was possibly the historical source of copper ore for manufacturing. A photo of the study site is in the November issue of the journal Quaternary Research. The research used lead and strontium isotopic analysis to identify and age ornaments, knives, rings, hemispherical objects and spearheads.

Near East c. Indian subcontinent c. Europe c. The Bronze Age is a historical period characterized by the use of bronzeand in some areas proto-writingand other early features of urban civilization. An ancient civilization is defined to be in the Bronze Age either by producing bronze by smelting its own copper bronze age dating alloying with tinarsenicor other metals, or by trading for bronze from production areas elsewhere.
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Aitken, Bronze age dating. Michael, P. Betancourt, and P. Gauss, M. Lindblom, R.

A new study which will be published in the journal Archaeoastronomy and Ancient Technologies reports on bronze age dating discovery of a carved sundial on top of a Bronze Age grave in the Ukraine, now known to be the oldest sundial of its kind. The carved stone was first discovered in when a team of archaeologists led by Yurii Polidovich of the Donetsk Museum of Regional Studies was excavating a Bronze Age burial mound dating to the 12th or 13th century BC. During the dig they uncovered the stone slab which was marked with lines and circles on both sides, however, it was not known at the time what the markings were. Earlier this year, photographs of the stone were sent to Larisa Vodolazhskaya of the Archaeoastronomical Research Center at Southern Federal University in Russia, who had expertise in studying Bronze Age petroglyphs, and Vodalazhskaya was able to unravel some of the mystery behind the markings on the slab. The carving revealed a sophisticated grasp of geometry and confirmed that it would have marked the time using a system of parallel lines and an elliptical pattern of circular depressions, a system known as an analemmatic sundial. An analemmatic sundial is a particular kind of horizontal sundial in which the shadow-casting object is vertical a gnomonis moved depending on the declination of the sun on a given day. The time is read from the dial by noting where the shadow cast by the vertical pin crosses hour points laid out on an ellipse. In this case, the sundial actually has two gnomons — one to track the time in the morning hours and early afternoon, and the second from late morning to evening, measuring time in half-hour increments.

The term also denotes the first period in which metal was used. The date at which the age began varied with regions; in Greece and Chinafor instance, the Bronze Age began before bcewhereas in Britain it did not start until about bce. The beginning of the period is sometimes called the Chalcolithic Copper-Stone Age, referring to the initial use of pure copper along with its predecessor toolmaking material, stone. Bronze age dating at first, copper was initially used only for small or precious objects.
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