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Beaches Casinos Landmarks Natural Attractions. When asked to describe a wedding, the most common response people give is the image of a bride dressed in white, walking down the aisle to meet her groom and exchange vows. This notion is a very western one, and certainly not a tradition that every country follows. A look back at the wedding customs of Jamaica will prove that the islanders have, in the past, had a different idea of what makes a wedding great. You may find that these time-honored traditions speak to you, and want to incorporate them into your own wedding, or you may just find it an interesting jamaican dating and marriage customs.

Legal jamaican dating and marriage customs, monogamy, and the nuclear family are cultural ideals more often attained by the middle and upper classes than by the lower classes. Sexual relations generally begins during early adolescence among the lower-class majority. Extraresidential or "visiting" relationships are usually followed by several coresidential and neolocal "common-law" or consensual unions. Legal marriage occurs relatively late, after the birth of several children and the attainment of some degree of economic security. Marriage is monogamous; divorce is rare but extramarital relationships are common. Domestic Unit.

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A traditional wedding in Jamaica typically involved the whole village or community where the couple lived. Relatives of the couple and members of the community all had roles in preparing for the ceremony. Today, modern couples seek help from wedding consultants or planners, but in the past, planning responsibilities were taken on by those who lived near the couple and knew them well. Traditional weddings required elaborate preparations, including the cooking of vast amounts of food and several cakes. Cakes were carried to the wedding location by a procession of married women clothed in white dresses and head-ties. This was a solemn and silent procession during which no one spoke. The cakes themselves were covered with white lace so that the bride did not see them until the day of her wedding. Before the ceremony, ring games were played, and people dined on the wide array of foods available. The festivities lasted until daybreak, when those in attendance would then pray for the couple before they left to prepare themselves for the wedding ceremony. If the ceremony was held in a church, it usually followed jamaican dating and marriage customs form of an English wedding.

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