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Power BI Desktop works behind the scenes to automatically identify columns that represent dates, and then creates date hierarchies and other enabling metadata for your model, on your behalf. You can then use those built-in hierarchies when creating report features like visuals, tables, quick measures, slicers, and so on. Power BI Desktop does this by creating hidden tables on your behalf, which you can then use for your reports and DAX expressions. Many data analysts prefer to create their own date tables, which is fine. In Power BI Desktopyou can specify the table you want your model to use as its date tableand subsequently create date-related visuals, tables, quick measures, and so on, using that table's date data. When you specify your own date table, you dating tables the date hierarchies created in your model, and use them in quick measures and other operations that use your model's date table. You can also select the table and then select Mark as Date Table from the Modeling ribbon, shown here.

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There are many different types of antique dining tables. Some are large, solid pieces of furniture while others are more portable and light dating tables weight. Learn more about a number of different types of dining tables made through the centuries including those with gate-leg and drop-leaf features.
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Dating tables to the chair, the table is perhaps the oldest form of furniture known to man. Certainly, it's one of the most versatile, with styles ranging from delicate and mobile to massive and ceremonial. Tables are often key specimens of a particular style, era or furniture designer. Listed below are several of the most common types of antique tables collectors are likely to encounter. Though the forms may date back centuries, most of them remain common today and can be found in both antique and modern versions. It consists of a tray and a folding stand.

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