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A psychic vampire is a term used to describe a living person who "drains" others emotionally. They do this either empathically draining psychic vampire dating auric life force or metaphorically someone who takes emotionally without giving anything back; a "user". These so-called "vampires" are not to be confused with the blood-sucking vampires of folklore and movieland. Every person has unknowingly drained someone else's energy at one time or another. Chronic psychic vampires generally are not aware that they are stealing energy from others.

A n energy vampire, or psychic vampire, psychic vampire dating feeds off the energies of those around them, attempting to drain their host of all his or her energy. Energy vampires must feed off the energies of others in order to survive. They also may not feel motivated enough to increase their own vibration, so they take to lowering the energies of those around them in order to boost their frequency. Sometimes, an energy vampire can conceal their ulterior motives quite well, but in general, they stand out like a sore thumb. One of the best ways to protect yourself from emotional manipulation lies within yourself.

Do you ever feel unexpectedly drained for no apparent reason? Like the energy and life has been sucked out of the entire atmosphere of a room with no logical explanation? When you hear the term psychic vampire for the first time, you might picture a blood-sucking demon. The reality of what they are is much less exciting and extreme, but psychic vampire dating can still affect you just as severely. Also known as energy vampirespsychic vampires are people who quite simply suck the energy out of a room.
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In yesterday's article on emotional contagion - Part I of this 2-parter on emotional transference - we discussed how the process of transferring emotions from person to person works. Namely, there are two steps:. Emote to the other person who, psychic vampire dating empowered, will mirror you. Today's article is about the dark side of emotional contagion - something commonly called "psychic vampirism. Like the vampires of legend, a psychic vampire can "turn" you, too - with enough of your energy drained, you can become an energy drainer yourself, feeding off the positive emotions of others to sustain yourself.

Psychic vampires, also known as energy vampires, are emotionally immature individuals who drain the time and energy from those around them. They are usually highly self-interested and lack empathy. The relationships they form are largely self serving. You can deal with psychic vampires by identifying psychic vampires in your life, setting firm boundaries with these people, and working on your own sense of self esteem and self worth. Not quite! A grandiose sense of self importance is usually a trait associated psychic vampire dating narcissistic psychic vampires. Controlling psychic vampires tend to focus their bad behavior on other people rather than themselves. Pick another answer!
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